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Summer internship – 2018

Daniela, who is currently studying for her MEng in Computer Science at the University of Southampton, joined us for 6 weeks over the Summer. Here’s how she spent her time.

“Having finished the 3rd year of Computer Science, I realised I am passionate about data science and machine learning. Therefore, I wanted to learn more about these subjects outside academia and the internship offered by decisionLab surprised me as it was one of the very few in this area which targeted students. The 6-week data science internship I had has been really enjoyable, interesting and challenging experience. I was given tasks on a project from one of the existing clients so everything I have done throughout that period contributed somehow to the development of the project. The internship was planned in such a way that I went through almost all the stages of a data science project, from data pre-processing, data exploration to regression and interpretation. Moreover, during my time there I was given the chance to find out a little bit about everyone’s job. I experienced client meetings, sales meetings, company hackathons and team building activities. I would describe the decisionLab employees as creative, passionate about their work, friendly and open-minded.

Overall, I felt my time there was very well spent: I learnt about what I was interested in, experienced the daily tasks of a data scientist and I made good friends!”

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