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The appreciation for simple things in life has become apparent in the last few weeks because of COVID-19 and the way it has confined us to our homes. One of these is #cleanwater which we get at the simple turn of a tap, but that hides the incredible efforts that it takes to deliver this. In the UK we’re very lucky having so many water resources: sea, rivers, lakes and canals. The quality of tap water even in our biggest cities such as London is nothing short of amazing.

At Decision Lab UK we’ve worked in the water sector from the start. Our water clients are incredible people, deeply dedicated to their work. We’re proud and delighted to have been able to support you by applying some of our technologies to your challenges, including #optimisation#datascience and #simulation.

Congratulations to all #waterfriends on #WorldWaterDay, which is all about sustainable management of the water supply. Thank you so much for looking after us all and making sure we enjoy the great water for us to drink or, crucially important at this time, purify our hands through washing. We really appreciate that with the current challenging times getting water to people is critical and we know you are working so hard doing essential work for the people of our country.

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