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A NEW PROJECT WIN – A Novel Method for Predicting Electrical Asset Condition.

Decision Lab UK has been awarded a contract under the European Space Agency – ESA Kick-Start Thematic Call on #predictivemaintenance. The activity will research methods to carry out remote diagnostics of asset condition. The long-term aims include: reducing unnecessary maintenance costs, increasing safety, improving reliability and reducing risk. This call is one of various opportunities organised by ESA Space Solutions for supporting the development of commercial downstream services.

The proposed solution leverages DL’s expertise in developing #prognostic#computervision and #assetmaintenance #optimisation solutions. DL will use computer vision based #machinelearning (ML) trained on aerial imagery obtained from helicopters and drones to identify measures of power #assetcondition. This can then inform an ML based #predictive maintenance model.

DL will be supported by Northern Powergrid (NPg). They will provide key data, subject matter expertise and act as a representative stakeholder. NPg is an existing DL client, and this activity represents an important opportunity for demonstrating the application of #innovative solutions across the UK #powerindustry.

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