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A NEW PROJECT WIN – The AI of AIs for the Ship of the Future!

We are thrilled to have been awarded a project under Defence and Security Accelerator ‘s Intelligent Ship Phase 2 competition.

Intriguingly named “CIAO”, it is the #AI of AIs as it arbitrates lower level decision models to help achieve operational success in the future Intelligent Ship programme.

In Phase 1, we explored how to use #DeepReinforcementLearning to make individual AIs work together, for the optimal success of a ship or fleet.

In this follow on phase, the Master AI will be challenged even further. Some of the tough aspects we are excited to be exploring in the new work are:

SCALABILITY – How can CIAO handle more sub-AIs?
MORE ADVANCED ARBITRATION – Can CIAO combine advice from the individual AIs to figure out the optimum outcome in any given situation rather than selecting just one particular AI’s recommendation?
BETTER DECISIONS – Can we get better performance from CIAO and the sub-AIs?

It is truly fantastic to be working on this #cuttingedge #innovation challenge and engaging with the Dstl to deliver this project for the UK Ministry of Defence.


#DRL #machinelearning #artificialintelligence #datascience

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