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We Partner with Microsoft on Project Bonsai!

We are now an official #AutonomousSystems Partner to Microsoft. We will start our #collaboration with the low-code #AI development platform Project Bonsai. It is a disruptive leading-edge #ai that can empower businesses in various domains, such as #industrial operations, #logistics and #supplychain optimisation, #smartbuildings management and more.

We are very excited about working with Microsoft, and plan to update you soon about our first project.

In words of Hardik Mehta from Microsoft Research, “We are excited to partner with Decision Lab and support its mission to democratize applied behavioural science with Microsoft Project Bonsai which offers a unique combination of deep reinforcement learning and Machine Teaching to optimize control systems in complex industrial scenarios.”

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss how the Project Bonsai can help YOUR business at

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Decision Lab
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