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At Decision Lab we use advanced techniques to solve real-world challenges. These can be specific to a task, or broader, industry wide challenges that affect millions of people. We are proud that our solutions deliver impact – helping our nation be more safe and secure, making sure the people get an uninterrupted electricity supply or providing the tools that help plan billions of pounds of investment over many decades! Here are examples we are proud of:

  1. Northern Powergrid (NPg) owns a vast portfolio of electrical assets (more than half a million) that are used to distribute power to 3.9 million homes and businesses in the North East. Our ARM tool supports NPg in their investment planning and helps them to prepare for the regulatory submissions.
  2. We developed the SCAF model for Rolls-Royce, which is used to predict maintenance requirements 25 years into the future and the impact of component roll-outs across the engine fleets. As almost 50% of its income is based on its servicing offering, the model plays a vital role in the business planning of one of the premier aerospace companies in the world.
  3. Our tool asset investment model helps the Canal & River Trust to look after and manage 2,000 miles of historic inland waterways of England and Wales, ensuring their best spend their £100 million budget on maintenance and investment in the national importing, and in some cases 200-year-old, assets.
  4. Lithium mining is important for the UK and its highly ambitious green agenda plans as well as its security (as identified in the latest UK Defence and Security Integrated Review). We were part of the team led by Satellite Applications Catapult that brought together space and mining to search for critical battery minerals. We developed a data processing and machine learning pipeline that produces prospectivity maps for multiple metals.
  5. Our tool Foresense – a machine-learning-based health prediction system – applies the most advanced AI techniques to accurately predict the future health condition of the Royal Navy’s ship’s components.
  6. Babcock International is one of the UK Ministry of Defence’s most important prime contractors. It owns and operates two of the UK’s largest naval docks – supporting the Royal Navy’s fleet of ships and boats. Our CHARM – tool is supporting Babcock with its asset management transformation project in Davenport, Plymouth.
  7. We’ve developed one of the key tools used by some of the biggest water companies in the UK (including the biggest – Thames Water) for planning future investment decisions – what they need to do to deliver clean water to people as efficiently as possible. Now we’ve developed the next generation water investment model, which will also handle future uncertainties and complex factors such as environmental impact.
  8. Our AI developments are at the cutting edge of the future of autonomous naval systems – we’re the number 1 small-medium enterprise on Dstl’ Intelligent Ship programme. Our advanced CIAO AI agent arbitrates between other AIs to provide the best recommendation to the operator.
  9. Our work on the UKWIR Deriving a Best Value project provides a step-change in the decision-making processes available to the water companies.  It handles subjective, qualitative inputs as well as quantitative data from multiple stakeholders in an objective and inclusive way.
  10. We’ve provided GSK a revolutionary tool for improving their pharmaceutical pipeline and making the best multi-million pound investment decisions that handle the uncertainties of which pharmaceuticals will make it all the way through the pipeline to production. GSK consider it a real gamechanger.
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