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Each company is a unique organism that has its own peculiarities and lives according to its own rules. We’d like to open up here and give you a little glimpse into what makes us special and what are the things that define us as a whole. These are part of our DNA, our company’s culture.

  1. Diversity of people – We embrace diversity and we love the range of people we have in the company. We have 10 cultural identities. The age of our people spans from generation X to generation Z. We have equal number of men and women working at Decision Lab.
  2. Diversity of projects – we work across many different sectors (a dozen or more), doing highly variable work for our clients, which makes it always new and exciting to be solving different challenges.
  3. Mix of disciplines – we use many different methods and techniques to solve client’s problems. From simulation and optimisation, to MCDA and data science – we often combine these to find the right approach to a solution.
  4. Work from anywhere and at any time – we are a London-based company, however some of our employees live and work across the country. Some even work abroad for periods of time. We have been using the flexi hours system for some years now, even before the pandemic. The freedom of location and time can be beneficial to the company if it makes your employees happy and lets them do their best work.
  5. Long-term relationships with clients – a large proportion of our clients come to Decision Lab and stay with us beyond one project. We’re still working for our first major client, Thames Water, after almost a decade. What better feedback we can get than this? We build trusted collaborations that last for many years, going beyond the usual supplier-client relationships.
  6. Our Partnerships – we believe in a collaborative approach to work and often partner with other companies to create the right solutions for clients’ challenges. We believe that modern problems often require multi-disciplinary teams to solve them and we love creating and participating in such teams.
  7. Passion – this is one of our values. We enjoy the work that we do and are passionate about getting the great results. Speak to our consultants consultants and you’ll see what we mean.
  8. Respect of people’s personal situations and circumstances – we are very human as a company and believe that happy people will do better work. We try our best to support our staff, and we love that out staff support one another.
  9. The desire to innovate – we’re always looking for innovative ways that will solve a problem that has proven too hard to crack. We don’t ever want to over complicate but we do love it when we come across a real headscratcher and have to use our creativity to come up with the solution.
  10. Practical, Flexible & Agile – this covers everything we do: from our approach to delivering projects, to how we are within the company, and how our staff behave.
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