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At Decision Lab we like to play on our strengths, and we find that working with others allows us to deliver much more to our clients. We’ve had collaborations since the formation of the company 10 years ago and they are growing. 

Here we present some great industry names for you to check and put on your radar. They are some of our key strategic partners.

  1. Actica Consulting – these are deep cyber specialists working in a fascinating area. We had a great collaboration in a DASA/Dstl project on predicting future cyber attacks and how to respond to them.
  2. BytePitch – Software Lab. Software engineering company based in Porto, Portugal. They help us to turn our models into the apps that our clients can use easily. We value these guys for their skills and general niceness.
  3. CGI – one of our bigger partners in terms of their size. We work on the cutting-edge AI developments for the Intelligent Ship programme for Dstl. These guys have a tough and challenging role of orchestrating the ISAIN (Intelligent Ship AI Network) project – the integration framework – and integrating multiple suppliers’ AIs, a complex challenge with many stakeholders and they are doing it great!
  4. DIEM analytics – these are a clever group of consultants led by a charismatic and ideas-machine Darrell Jaya-Ratnam. With some similar skill areas as Decision Lab, we’ve worked together on some challenging and fascinating projects.
  5. DSE Consulting – our sister company that focuses on simulation, using AnyLogic. They are the true experts of the tool providing training courses and are the sole official UK and Italy distributor.
  6. Emphasis – we rely on their expertise in all things HR. Thank you, Rachel, who, although works for Emphasis, is a key part of the Decision Lab team.
  7. Firstco – a systems engineering company who specialise in mission-critical communication and control systems. Our partnership on the DASA logistical challenge is leading to a very promising tool called LOGOS. 
  8. HR Wallingford – this year we made it into the Water Industry Finalists Awards in the “Consultancy of the Year” category thanks to the incredible growth we’ve experienced in the water field – the number of projects, their calibre and complexity. HR Wallingford has become one of the key partner in this area for us. They solve the world’s most complex water challenges.
  9. The Engineering Group – a top player in the field of digital transformation. We work with their head quarters in Rome, but also hoping to break the American market as well.
  10. Microsoft – we are an official #AutonomousSystems partner to Microsoft. We have started our collaboration with the #lowcode #AI development platform Project Bonsai. It is a disruptive leading-edge #ai that can empower businesses in various domains, such as #industrial operations, #logistics and #supplychain #optimisation#smartbuildings management and more.

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