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Working with Porterbrook

We are delighted to announce that we are now working with Porterbrook, a British rolling stock company that provides high-quality, digitally-enabled rolling stock solutions to the #railindustry. We have been selected to support the next phase of the Data to Action Reliability Taskforce (DART) engine project, which aims to improve #engine#reliability and performance by taking advantage of available #sensor data. We will be combining multiple #machinelearning models to forecast engine component failure on the Porterbrook platforms in an operationally timely manner. This means that pre-emptive interventions can be taken at the optimal time to avoid unplanned failures whilst avoiding unnecessary engine downtime, what is called #predictivemaintenance.

We are starting from a solid base, adapting a Decision Lab UK‘s owned #AI capability Foresense, that we developed to predict failures of key systems on the Royal Navy‘s type 45 destroyers. It is designed to handle the rarer failure events – the real challenge for predictive maintenance – as well as equipment components that are prone to failures. This project will therefore demonstrate how our technology adapts to different sectors and opens up predictive maintenance to more applications.

If you’re interested in seeing whether we can apply Foresense and advance #ML techniques to bring #predictiveanalytics to your problem, contact us at

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