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What is Gurobi Optimization?

Decision Intelligence

Gurobi’s powerful technology empowers businesses to make the most of every decision, optimizing complex problems and driving real-world results.

Gurobi Optimization is the world’s fastest solver and it is backed by enterprise features and expert support. Our team ensures your success with training and bespoke solution capabilities. Choose Decision Lab and Gurobi to solve your most complex challenges and to deliver transformational cost saving efficiencies.

Data scientists

With Gurobi you can generate optimized decision suggestions, based on your predicted future, and directly influence decision-making.

Operations researchers

Don't leave business value on the table. If you solve complex problems every day and use mathematical optimization, use the best solver.

Business leaders

Gurobi decision-intelligence enables fast, confident, unbiased decision making every day—even at times of rapid change and global disruption.


Students, faculty, and researchers can use Gurobi mathematical optimization at no cost, with no limits on model size or performance. Contact us!

Maximise success

Our industry experienced team of optimization specialists and Gurobi's expert support are here to ensure your success.

Case Studies

Gurobi in Business

How Decision Lab has used Gurobi to help organisations solve some of their most difficult optimization challenges:

White Papers

The Insights You Need

Discover how Gurobi is being applied around the world and across sectors. A selection of white papers covering a variety of topics:

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Optimization Skills

Achieve optimization excellence:

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The world's most powerful solver

Improved decision-making

By optimizing your decisions with Gurobi, you can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and maximize profits.

Unmatched performance

Gurobi is known for its industry-leading speed and scalability, allowing you to solve even the most challenging problems quickly and efficiently.


Gurobi supports a variety of programming languages and integrates seamlessly with existing tools and workflows.

Advanced features

Gurobi goes beyond linear problems, offering features like parallel processing, advanced algorithms, and multi-objective optimization for complex decisions.

The journey to apply Decision Intelligence

by Gurobi & Decision Lab

From Gurobi LiVE! in Barcelona. Discover how optimization and decision intelligence have evolved to become central to organizational strategies.

Decision Lab CEO, David Buxton, describes practical methodologies and strategies used in real-world projects, emphasizing the integration of advanced technologies like machine learning, digital twins, and reinforcement learning.

Learn about the crucial role of human-machine collaboration and how it enhances decision-making processes, driving better business outcomes and organizational success. Perfect for professionals keen on leveraging cutting-edge decision-making frameworks.

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If you're looking for a way to improve business performance and make transfomational cost savings, Gurobi Optimization is what you need. Contact us today to start your decision intelligence journey with Gurobi's world-leading solver.

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