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PyCon Community and decisionLab

Our Principal software Engineer Dom Weldon has recently been busy getting involved with PyCon Conferences. So far he has been sharing his experiences and ideas across Europe but also spreading the word about the dynamic and constructive work that is being done at decisionLab.

Dom was delighted to speak at PyCon Lithuania in May, EuroPyton in July and PyCon UK in September, and he has just completed a new talk at PyCon Estonia as this piece is being written.

His most recent presentation ‘Oxidizing MyPy: Why I decided to learn rust and use it with Python’ which discusses Rust integrations with python, and its significance for the future of Python as a “glue” language between people, systems and technologies can be accessed here.

At Europython in July, around 300 people attended his talk ‘Dash and interactive Data Visualisation with No JavaScript’, discussing how decisionLab has exploited the Dash framework developed by Plotly to build interfaces for products in Alpha. He will be giving a new version of this talk at PyData Berlin and PyCon Ireland next week on the 10th and 13th of October respectively.

You can see Dom deliver this talk at PyCon UK here.

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