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Presenting CIAO – our Deep Reinforcement Learning decision support tool, in Codeathon 2022!

We are thrilled to have been invited to participate in #Codeathon2022, organised by Innovate UK KTN for BAE Systems. We will be demonstrating our CIAO AI decision tool. CIAO is the AI of AIs – it arbitrates between different individual intelligent agents to identify a better solution than any of them. CIAO uses cutting-edge deep reinforcement learning. This powerful approach holds the promise of bringing multiple AI models together to solve complex problems. We’ll also be demonstrating our IRIS advanced user interface for future AI-enabled warships, which has been designed around human-machine teaming.

Codeathon 2022 is a hack-style event and it is seeking to find and explore the most promising emerging technologies to be integrated into INTeACT Software Development Kit (SDK). INTeACT is BAE System’s next generation Combat Management System for warships.

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