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Ian Griffiths will present @ IEEE ICHMS

Our CTO Ian Griffiths will be speaking at IEEE ICHMS. It is a third international conference on human-autonomy teaming. Ian’s talk titled “Designing for Human-Machine Teams: A methodological enquiry” will be presented on the 19th November. The presentation will be co-hosted with Dale Richards, Decision Lab’s partner on the project HADES.

Ian Griffiths will be presenting “Designing for Human Machine Teams (HMT)” where he will discuss a collaborative design approach to developing user interfaces for systems where people and AI work together. This collaboration involves users, Human Factor (HF) experts, Artificial Intelligence (AI) modellers, User eXperience (UX) / User Interface (UI) developers working together to design the system from the start. We’ve successfully applied this to Dstl’s Intelligent Ship project, where we developed the IRIS user interface for the system, working with user representatives from Agilexe/SVGC, HF experts from Frazer-Nash Consultants and Dstl, and AI modellers and UX/UI developers from Decision Lab.

Ian’s presentation will be on Saturday, 19 November @ 4pm UK time. Further specific details about the event and the talk can be found in the Technical Program of the conference.

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