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Our work on the NHS project to be presented @ the AnyLogic Conference 2022

Decision Lab’s Senior Consultant, Peter Riley, who leads the simulation work in the company, will be presenting at The AnyLogic Conference 2022 together with a data science expert from our client on the work, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Their presentation is titled: “NHS Hospital Digital Twin for Better Resourcing and Care in Dynamic Situations”.  

This presentation will describe a high-value large-scale National Health Service (NHS) hospital simulation model to support the improvement of patient care at the individual level.

Working as a digital twin of the patient journey, the model accounts for the various departments and specialities of the hospitals considered in the project, as well as the characteristics of patients. With the level of detail captured and output by the model, it is possible for analysts to understand current situations, optimise resources, test what-ifs, and better prepare contingencies. The simulation model was created in AnyLogic software because of its ability for modelling the physical complexity of environments such as a hospital.

The model will continue to be used as a digital twin decision support tool for the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. New model features, such as visualising patient journeys, are being developed and will be discussed during the presentation.

We look forward to being able to showcase this highly important and exciting project to the simulation community at The AnyLogic Conference. The presentation will be useful to all those with an interest in digital twins, dynamic situations management, and simulation and healthcare.

The AnyLogic Conference is a fantastic FREE event held each year. You can register and listen to the talks, communicate with the fellow experts as well as participate in some interesting workshops.

SAVE THE DATE: 29 September, 4:30 PM GMT+1. Join us there, register now!

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