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Our LOGISTICS OPTIMISATION TOOL, LOGOS – to be presented @ Gurobi Days Paris

Decision Lab’s own CTO, Ian Griffiths, will be presenting at Gurobi Days Paris 2022.

His presentation is titled: “LOGOS THE LOGISTICS OPTIMISATION ENGINE”. Here is a brief snapshot of the talk:

“Inefficient transport of goods can be incredibly wasteful in terms of people and time, fuel use, environment impact and financial cost. This is especially important for the military that must get vital military equipment and supplies to the right places at the right time. Funded by Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl, a part of the UK Ministry of Defence) – through a Defence and Security Accelerator competition, we developed the Logistics Optimisation System (LOGOS) that provides more rapid, effective handling in Deployed Military Logistics Hubs. It is composed of three optimisation algorithms – a stores routing algorithm, a pallet packing algorithm, and a transport loading algorithm – which link to the Gurobi solver. Through further Dstl funding, we have since extended this to optimise the support long-term military logistics demands. We have also carried out a project for Microsoft which applied Reinforcement Learning to a similar problem. We will present our modelling approach and its potential use in military and wider logistics, and how a mathematical optimisation and machine learning methods can complement one another…”

We look forward to being able to showcase this project to the optimisation community at the Gurobi Days Paris event. The presentation will be useful to all those with an interest in optimisation, machine learning, and the wider area of logistics.

Gurobi Days Paris is promising to be a fantastic FREE event held in Paris on 19, 20 October. You can register to listen to the talks as well as participate in some really interesting and even thought-provoking discussions (one panel we’re particularly excited about is on Quantum!).

For Decision Lab’s talk SAVE THE DATE: 19 October, 17:15 PM GMT+1. Join us and register now!

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