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LAB CHAT with Sandy Liu (Intern turned Simulation Consultant)

In this episode of Lab Chat we speak with Sandy Liu, who joined Decision Lab as a simulation consultant after completing her three month internship at DL. She was one of the students from Lancaster University selected for Decision Lab’s internship programme. Sandy’s diligence, curiosity and hard work led to Decision Lab offering her a position with the company. In this short, but sharp interview she shares some top insights that can be useful for other students and all those interested in interning.

You recently completed your internship at Decision Lab. Tell us some key things about your experience of being an intern at DL.

This is a very challenging job and I need to learn AnyLogic and Java from scratch, but it also makes me progress a lot. I enjoy exploring new worlds and getting to know and master them. I am lucky to participate in the NHS project and contribute to this excellent modelling. This is a meaningful project which can bring benefits not only to the clients but also to the public.

You joined Decision Lab after your internship. What were the key factors that influenced your decision of joining the company?

The team is professional and brings value to businesses. People are willing to share their knowledge and ideas, help each other, and be generous with their praise.

What are your hopes for your work at Decision Lab in the next year?

I hope to be more comfortable and independent in building models in AnyLogic and be equipped with more techniques to solve different problems.

Any tips, recommendations for those students who want to get an internship and/or start their career in the field of tech?

Solid programming skills will make future work easier.

Don’t leave work to the last minute.

Be enthusiastic about new knowledge and keep up to date.

What career advice you had was the most insightful and helpful?

Take a break and study abroad to strengthen yourself.

The last year was very rewarding. I made friends with many great people from different backgrounds and developed a new social circle. I learned programming and many techniques, which help me become more competent in solving problems. I became more independent and tolerant, which helps me in dealing with clients in future projects.

What is your dream client, project, field of work to work on and with?

My dream client can respond to my requests quickly, fully support the project, and give their suggestions, but respect my professionalism. I hope the projects can be in different fields.

If you’re good and interested in the internship with the best-in-class tech company, drop us an e-mail:

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