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Snap Lab Chat with Isaac Thompson

Isaac joined our team as a Machine Learning Engineer. He has a Master’s degree in Machine Learning from UCL and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Warwick. He has experience in a range of machine learning applications, including research on model-based reinforcement learning.

What are the types of projects you enjoy most?

I enjoy projects that involve lots of researching new ideas, reading papers and learning new things, and then coming up with ways of applying these to a problem in a potentially non-obvious ways. I also particularly enjoy finding ways of making implementations more efficient, whether that be algorithmically or conceptually.

What is most important for you at work?

Things don’t get dull or monotonous – there’s always a new and interesting problem to think about.

Any hobbies/interests outside of work?

Mainly music, I play the accordion and piano. Particularly accordion – I play it most days and write my own tunes. I also read machine learning and neuroscience papers and listen to talks and podcasts in my free time.

The kind of work you’d want to be involved with one day?

I hope to be involved in projects leading to a ‘generally’ intelligent agent that is able to act robustly and persistently in the real world, whether this be something like a fully self-driving car (which seems within touching distance for many companies at the moment) or a domestic helper/companion robot (which is perhaps some way off and still requires a lot of research).

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