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2020 Highlights

Starting this year with a positive outlook, we want to reflect on the highlights from #year2020. Here are some of Decision Lab UK‘s BEST BITS FROM 2020.

We have started NEW EXCITING WORK for the major clients:
– Intelligent Ship programme run by the UK Ministry of Defence
– Supporting Babcock International Group with our #AssetManagement tool, called CHARM
– Investigating how to use drone-based imagery for improved asset condition assessment in the power industry, sponsored by the European Space Agency – ESA

We’ve developed the NEXT GENERATION #WATERINVESTMENTMODEL that’ll help #watercompanies to plan better for the future. A change making work!

OUR NEW BRAND has been growing stronger, reflecting what Decision Lab UK is and helping us to communicate better.

What a GREAT NETWORK OF PARTNERS we have managed to build spanning between the cities, countries and even the continents!

And, of course, we can’t NOT mention that the #COVID challenges made us even more #creative and #passionate about doing a great work #together and supporting each other.

Wishing you all a good start to the 2021!

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