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19—23 August, 2024

AnyLogic training for professionals and academics. Learn how to build simulation models from scratch, relevant Java programming, and develop your AnyLogic simulation modelling skills.

This is a hands-on course, based on official AnyLogic material. It blends conceptual understanding and simulation development in a series of model construction exercises. These aim to cover key AnyLogic capabilities in a cumulative way, whilst also giving you insight into advanced features.

To allow for work schedules, the course is taught in five half-day blocks of four hours each.

Certificates are issued on satisfactory completion of the course.

At the course, it is recommended to use a laptop computer that can run AnyLogic (system requirements) and a mouse. A second monitor is very useful, so you can view the electronic notes alongside the online session or your AnyLogic window.

No knowledge of Java programming is required but it may help with understanding more advanced concepts.

Part 1

  • Introduction to AnyLogic multi-method simulation modelling
  • The AnyLogic model development environment
  • Discrete event modelling introduction & theory
  • Discrete event modelling exercise
  • Includes visualisation of output statistics

Part 2

  • Agent-based modelling introduction & theory
  • Agent-based modelling exercise 1
  • Agent-based modelling exercise 2

Part 3

  • Introduction to pedestrian modelling in AnyLogic
  • Pedestrian modelling exercise using the Pedestrian modelling library
  • Includes 3D visualisation

Part 4

  • System dynamics modelling introduction & theory
  • System dynamics modelling exercise
  • Introduction to AnyLogic Public Cloud
  • Includes uploading models to the Cloud and running experiments

Part 5

  • Introduction to AnyLogic’s Material Handling Library
  • Cranes, conveyors, resources, AGVs etc.
  • Material Handling modelling exercise
  • Introduction to AnyLogic’s Road Traffic Library
  • Road traffic modelling exercise
  • Includes optimisation experiment
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16—18 September, 2024

Supply chain design, analysis, and optimisation course using the new anyLogistix v3.

A practical and commercially oriented course for supply chain professionals. Attendees learn the powerful no-code supply chain software anyLogistix. Through a series of hands-on tasks, the course teaches skills for better supply chain analysis, understanding, and design.

This course is delivered 100% online and taught in four half-day (4-hour) blocks.

anyLogistix is tested on Windows and MacOS (see System Requirements)

Attendees completing the course receive an official anyLogistix certificate.

anyLogistix is a user-friendly supply chain tool that allows dynamic analysis and provides easily understandable graphical results. Learn more about how world-leading organisations are using anyLogistix for tasks such as dynamic what-if scenario testing, risk mitigation, optimization and more — anyLogistix

Day 1

  • Introduction to anyLogistix
  • ALX development environment
  • Facilities location with Greenfield analysis (GFA)
    • Section overview
    • Practice drill: Simple GFA
    • Practice drill: Multi-echelon GFA
  • Supply chain design
    • Network optimization
    • Practice drill: Distribution network
    • Practice drill: 2-tier distribution network

Day 2

  • Master planning
    • Section overview
    • Practice drill: Distribution planning
    • Practice drill: Distribution and production
  • Dynamic Simulation
    • Section overview
    • Practice drill: Simple simulation model

Day 3

  • Supply chain analysis
    • Practice drill: Capacity estimation
    • Practice drill: Service level analysis
    • Practice drill: Risk assessment
  • Inventory optimization
    • Section overview
    • Practice drill: Safety stock assessment
  • Questions & Answers
Gurobi Optimization

Dates on request

Optimisation is the key to unlocking efficiency, driving superior outcomes, and achieving business success. With Gurobi Compass Training, you can access a comprehensive training service designed to empower your team in the world of optimisation.

Expert trainers bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to each session, ensuring your team receives the highest quality instruction.

Whether you have limited Gurobi experience or are keen to enhance advanced modelling techniques, the training solutions will elevate your optimisation capabilities.

Unlock the full potential of your team and achieve optimisation excellence with Gurobi Compass training.

Key training programme features:

Comprehensive Training

  • Integration & Deployment: Seamlessly integrate Gurobi software components into your optimisation solutions.
  • Modelling Techniques: Master the art of transforming complex business problems into efficient mathematical models.
  • Performance Tuning Techniques: Fine-tune your models to achieve optimal performance.
  • Custom Modules: Address specific optimisation challenges with custom modules tailored to your needs.

Flexible Delivery Options

  • In-person Workshops: Engage in hands-on training sessions conducted at your premises.
  • Online Webinars: Participate in virtual training sessions from anywhere, at your convenience.

Measurable Results

  • Comprehensive Assessments: Measure the impact of the training on individual growth and performance.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Receive valuable insights to fine-tune your optimisation strategies.
  • Measurable Results: Track the progress of your team and witness the transformation in your optimisation solutions.

Client feedback

Thank you!
Thank you! This week's training was very interesting and helpful for us in furthering our projects!

Business Analyst

Very useful
Amazing experience with Decision Lab on their AnyLogic Foundational Course. The instructor is patient and helpful, the course materials are very useful, and they are friendly and happy to help with your needs.

Civil Engineer

High praise
I want to express my highest praise for Adam's presentation of anyLogistix, outstanding! Thank you!

Business Manager

Advanced training & bespoke courses

Advanced training for AnyLogic is also available. The course builds on the foundational course, dedicating time to advanced model building concepts and use cases.

For groups with specific needs or interests, additional focus points may be accommodated. Please contact us to see how we can meet your training needs.

The timing of these courses can be arranged to suit attendees.

Previously delivered workshops include:

  • model input and output data and handling
  • model testing and testability
  • configuration management and traceability of simulation models

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