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Decision Lab works across many different sectors and this is something our staff really enjoy. It allows us take insights and findings from one industry and apply them to others in novel ways. This ensures a cross-pollination approach of knowledge and our people get better and wider exposure to the real-life problems the world faces in different domains. Variety makes for a more interesting life.

  1. Water – This year we made it into the Water Industry Finalists Awards in the “Consultancy of the Year” category thanks to the incredible growth – our volume of water-sector work increased by more than 2.5 times over the previous year, and we have doubled both our number of clients and projects. 
  2. Infrastructure – We develop novel approaches to the well-established problems for Northern Powergrid, the Canal & River Trust and Babcock International. Our CHARM asset management tool is a powerful platform that helps organisations manage and invest in their diverse assets effectively and accurately.
  3. Defence – We work with the key MoD organisations, developing the most advanced cutting-edge solutions that help to put Britain on the tech frontier of the world. We are proud to have supported Dstl, DASA and the Royal Navy in their quest of making the UK a safe place to live in.
  4. Aviation and aerospace – One of our very first clients was Rolls-Royce, for which we built a key tool for the aircraft engine maintenance forecasting and planning. We’ve since worked with Siemens to support their aero-derivative gas turbine business and for the UK government we’ve developed a novel approach for assessing the effectiveness of new security measures at Heathrow Terminal 5 and the impact on the 50,000 passengers who pass through it every day (prior to the COVID-19 pandemic).
  5. Space – This industry is one of the fastest growing sectors and it has received a lot of extra interest recently with the space tourism trials. But it’s also booming for the commercial usage the space technologies are providing to many other sectors. We work with the UK Space Agency, European Space Agency and Satellite Applications Catapult.
  6. Cyber – we have developed a tool called CARE – a novel capability resulting from applying our AI expertise to this domain – that predicts how cyber attacks may evolve in the future and how we can always stay ahead of them.
  7. Pharmaceutical – We work with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), helping their supply chain to instil the new tools that support decision-making where hundreds of millions of pounds is at stake.
  8. Finance – we have worked with Pay.UK, providing them with a simulation model of the UK banking market when they wanted to know how to best encourage account switching through banking innovations and marketing efforts.
  9. Retail – We’ve been developing our capability in this area in the last couple of years, providing modelling solutions to Linney (working for one of the largest restaurant chains in the world) and Newton Europe (for a major UK high street supermarket).
  10. Logistics – Although we support logistics applications in different sectors, we’ve also been working on some specific logistics challenges that could have far reaching impact – we’re developing LOGOS to significantly improve efficiency in logistics hubs and on optimising supply chain support for oil extraction in complex and hostile environments.
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